Time for an Overdue Update

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Given that it is almost 12 months since the last post, it was decided that 1:05am on a Friday morning was the perfect time to contribute once again. At 7:15am tomorrow, as the alarm sounds I'm sure I'll question my motives for continuing from this point, but wise words once told me "Why leave until tomorrow, something that you can do today". In saying that, those fine words may well have come from my father insisting that I tidy my room as a young carefree child. If nothing else, it moves my venting towards Paypal article further down the page, and as such there is less chance that some minion (that forms part of their ever-helpful workforce) will see it and exercise authority to suspend our account. 

So why have we been so absent in our postings of late?
I suppose the easy excuse to use is that an increasing expansion for Vida Homes over the last twelve months has limited any available time for socially motivated activity.

First and foremost, we have adopted Channel Advisor as our marketplace management software, which although slightly expensive, has allowed us to expand and offer our products on eBay, Amazon and Rakuten (watch this space) with little fuss. Given the software's numerous capabilities we will soon be seeing our products such as Bathroom Taps and Designer Radiators, in the UK, France, Germany and to a lesser extent Italy and Spain.

Then we move onto product expansion, which has seen some of Europe's leading brands in Karndean and Vado become present in the Vida catalogue. It is always a task in itself to try and promote such highly desirable items in an online environment as you never can replicate that stunning chrome finish of the Vado Bathroom Taps, or textures of wood grain that feature in the Karndean Flooring portfolio. Given continuous technological innovation however, the possibilities are always increasing, so who knows what the future holds. It would be wrong to continue without a notable mention to a new up and coming brand in Sidato. It's taken a number of hours in negotiations and some confident claims on our part, however there is some exceptional value for money to be achieved with their Designer Radiator range, without the need to compromise on quality. Let's hope that continued support from ourselves and other retailers allows them to develop their offerings as  2014 progresses.

All in all, it is an exciting period in the life of Vida Homes and as always this only comes off the back of continuous support from our regular customers, with an ever welcoming attitude towards our first time buyers. We can only thank everyone involved and long may it continue...



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