The Power Shift....Are Electric Radiators becoming the norm?

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It has been said that in life you cannot avoid two things; death and taxes. I think it is now safe to add to that list ever-increasing bills from energy suppliers. It seems a lifetime since I last paid a bill to a Gas and Electricity supplier which fell below the £100 mark...and with a family of four, the washing machine on a constant loop along with Peppa Pig on repeat for 3 hours a day, I can't see that changing any time soon. It's fair to say that electricity is the main culprit in delivering such expenses. 

Obviously, a general lifestyle shift to a technology dominated world hasn't helped, but it begs the question as to why property developers and landlords are shifting from conventional gas central heating systems with standard radiators to electric radiators, and often designer electric radiators. Surely this makes the property a less attractive proposition for the prospective home owner or tenant? Not to mention the fact that the average electric radiator is more expensive than it's equivalent that runs on a central heating system, so why are we seeing a shift?

Well firstly, we have a good old government initiative. It has been suggested that from 2016 any new build homes will have to be non-carbon, thus everything in the home will be electric. As at the time of writing, our observations and general industry knowledge know that the standard electric radiator rarely exceeds 1000 watts. Some of our better designer radiators offer double this output on a conventional system, so heating the home to the same capacity would mean in some cases doubling the radiator amount. We'll wait and see how this develops. We're all for a greener lifestyle, but can see teething problems galore with this.

Secondly, there is an issue of convenience. In many apartment blocks it just becomes too difficult to get the plumbing to the correct areas to accommodate radiators, a problem eliminated by electric designer radiators which can be installed pretty much anywhere.Add to this the fact of increased insurance premiums for gas products in apartment blocks, as opposed to the electric equivalent and its a wonder we see any gas whatsoever in modern apartments.

There are several other reasons for this, but the one we find most interesting at Vida is the product development. Many years back a radiator was simply that. Nowadays, designer radiators seems to be a key search term, materials have become important with stainless steel designer radiators becoming a favourite and no doubt with electric radiators we will see further developments such as those  which allow for phone apps to set the temperature of each room individually on the drive home.

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