Endless Summer - Return of the Designer Rads...finally

Posted by Phil Scott on

It's not often in the UK we get the luxury of being able to boast warm weather, and certainly not for a prolonged period. Usually, as soon as the light nights disappear, this almost always coincides with the appearance of scarves round necks and warm winter coats being pulled from the depths of that cupboard under the stairs. It is almost a given, that come Halloween and Bonfire night we will be stood in rain at some point with the kids making the ultimate compromise of staying out that extra half hour to get completely drenched, for the sake of some of Nan's Toffee Apples. The Summer of 2014 however, was somewhat different...

Just about every media station was fawning over the record breaking September, while here at Vida, we pondered the fact that a warehouse full of Designer Radiators may never be required again. Of course, we were all enjoying the delight of the long hot Summer, yet there was a growing concern as to whether we had seriously over-estimated our stock requirements for some of this years recently launched Aluminium Designer Radiators.

Thankfully, (or not as the case may be), we have been assured a nice brisk Winter, which again may chance the record books. This will hopefully allow for many of our Designer Heating options to depart to good homes, allowing our stock purchasers heart rates to settle back to the norm, come the New Year.

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