How to Guide - Electrifying a Designer Radiator or Heated Towel Rail

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At Vida we'll always try and go that extra mile for our customers. The home development and furnishing industry to the end customer can often be a daunting place. Many of our customers will start their communications with "This is probably a stupid question", but the reality is that, it takes us a minute or so to answer a question. It takes an awful lot longer to rectify a mistake made because the customer felt embarrassed to ask. Selecting a Designer Radiator (or any heat source for that matter) is much more involved than simply picking the most attractive option to put on the wall. There is a small criteria to satisfy in selecting each and every one. At Vida, We pride ourselves on having open lines of communication and encourage phone support to help satisfy such criteria, in an online world which tends to stray from it.

We have also found that watching something being done, is much easier to follow than an instruction manual printed in size 4 font and 16 different languages. For this reason, we have taken advantage of our good relations with our many suppliers to deliver a series of videos which help explain 'How to' perform certain tasks, or perhaps even demonstrate products in more detail to assist purchases.

How to electrify a Designer Radiator

Today's video focuses on how to turn a Designer Radiator / Towel Rail from one which works on a Central Heating System to one which can be used as an Electric only option. Electric Designer Radiators are pretty much the norm in most apartment developments and because of the plumbing restrictions sometimes encountered are becoming ever-more popular across the board. It is good for customers to know that they are not always limited on heating options, just because they have to find an electric only product. Many of our radiators, can be converted quite simply using a Electric Heating shown in the video below.

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