Conservatory Furniture prices set to fall

Posted by Phil Scott on

Before the economic climate took its overwhelming dip, Vida was always in the position to offer quality Conservatory Furniture at prices that just couldn't be matched on the high-street. Through making the most of our own showroom, existing time-served relations with the leading companies and competitive rates for the third party services used, the customer was sure to receive the best possible price for the goods they wanted. Whatismore, the customer didn't have to treat the average showroom retailer to the equivalent of a small holiday for each suite that was purchased.

Times as we all know have since changed and in consequence many of our competitively priced third party partners (mainly Fragile Freight Couriers), lost their battle against a depressed economy. The companies that were left in the marketplace strived to take advantage of the lack of competition charging rates as high as £150.00 to deliver a Full Conservatory Suite to a Mainland UK address. This in effect meant that the customers were now paying as much as £50.00 more plus VAT than they would have 12 months previously.

At Vida it has always been our policy to offer quality products at prices both affordable and reasonable, so excess costs as you can gather weren't welcome. All it was doing was bringing our prices more in line with the local showrooms. We are however, after a long search for a reliable and competitive Fragile Courier for our Conservatory Furniture, pleased to announce a new partner in BJS Distribution.

What this means for you is Faster Distribution, Retention of our Customer Focused service and the main thing Even Lower Prices for the UK's Finest Range of Coveted Conservatory Furniture

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  • We used to use a company called Caretakers for all deliveries and unfortunately they too have gone. I will try BJS Distribution out as have seen them at a few exhibitions. Hopefully, their service meets your recommendation

    Belinda Starkey on

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