Sidato Designer Radiators - Riding the heat-wave!

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Home heating has come along way in the past few years, and it is fair to say that the designer radiator options of 5 years back have now become the norm for those looking to enhance their homes. What started with a few chic takes on towel radiators for the bathroom soon led to the manufacturers exploring contemporary designs to suit all settings. Not only have the radiators become a lot more appealing to look at, it seems they are becoming hotter too due to advanced heating methods.

Sidato are a manufacturer we first came across in 2012, with the launch of their Puro range (this being their only product at the time). Since then it seems the company has gone from strength to strength, increasing their portfolio with new designs and further product variations on what seems a month by month basis. Their focus on heating options which tick all the boxes seems to be what sets them apart from the others who may lose sight of function when exhibiting more elaborate designs. On countless occasions our customer service reps spend time with our customers discussing the available options for the project in question, and invariably (despite the vast catalogs of many alternate suppliers) a lot of the options have proven unsuitable. This may be down to a low heat output or perhaps the available dimensions just don't suit the room. Thankfully Sidato seeks to bridge that gap making shopping for radiators a warm enjoyable experience rather than one which leaves you hot under the collar!

To view the current Sidato range and benefit from great savings visit the link below:

The Sidato Collection

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