Rads vs Designer Radiators?

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Rads vs Designer Radiators? Now there's a question that won't be asked too often. The fact we're even addressing the situation means it must be a Friday and winding down for the weekend has been the agenda set for today. So how did such an intriguing question arise, and what exactly is it asking?

At Vida, as a means to attract good people such as yourselves, we have to undergo extensive research as to what you are typing into Google to find us. In some cases we are lucky enough to retain our existing customers so can bypass such methods, however for the majority, it's Price Comparison Sites and Search Engines that form the gateway for new customers. It was through such research that the question Rads vs Radiators? arose. Notably because, 'Rads' is searched almost 20% more than 'Designer Radiators'.

As a retailer who has a diverse selection of high quality designer radiators, we have always structured our site to attract customers with such terms. Judging by the research however, we would have a wider market if we targeted the term 'Rads'. Better still, we'd have much less competition. But, who exactly is searching for 'Rads'?

In my experience, 'Rads' is a term more commonly used by tradesmen. It is often the case that we have a plumber or sparky, walk into our showroom (usually with dirty boots on leaving lovely prints all over the Karndean floor) and asking for one of the 'Designer Rads' or 'Towel Rads'. In contrast, when a customer phones it's usually because they have seen a 'Designer Radiator' on the site and would like some further information. At Vida, it's usually better for us if the customer is the one sourcing the product, as designer radiators are a product that should in theory reflect your own tastes. On that basis, the logic prevails that we should structure our site in the way we always have. On the other hand, Can we attract more customers and will it alienate our traditional ones should we opt for a change to the term Rads? More to the point, will it devalue the opinion of a product if it was referred to as 'Neva Designer Rads' as opposed to a 'Neva Designer Radiator'?

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